The Movie ‘Mosul’ Delivers New Perspective on the Epic Battle

MOSUL film still

A former staff operations officer with the CIA, Dan Gabriel is the founder and chief executive officer of AM LLC, an Arlington, VA based firm providing best-practice information, research, and communications solutions for highly challenging and restricted operating environments for USG clients. In addition, Dan Gabriel recently made his directing debut with the film MOSUL, which Cleveland’s largest newspaper reviewed favorably in a recent article: “Cleveland International Film Festival: Powerful ‘Mosul’ documentary to have world premiere.”

MOSUL film still

The article begins by addressing the complexity of the subject matter in the movie. The story centers on the battle for the Iraqi city of Mosul, in which forces from multiple countries were involved in attempting to take the city back from ISIS control and approximately 10,000 people were killed. The movie tells the story in real time through the eyes of the individuals who were there. Much of the footage comes from interviews and combat footage by Ali Maula, an Iraqi journalist, and as a result, viewers see what it was like inside refugee camps and combat zones, as well as witness ISIS detainees first-hand.

The article commends the film for avoiding a political spin on the story, instead focusing on how the all-out urban warfare directly impacted individuals. The film runs 96 minutes, features both English and Arabic, and has English subtitles.

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